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Artist Statement

anna evert-dehoag

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to experience. My photographs are experiences of contrasting environments—notable, underdeveloped or even desolate natural and urban landscapes, dabbling in the abstract. I have chosen to focus on areas which are seemingly overlooked, capturing the quintessential raw beauty and core essence of the subject.

Nothing I do with my camera is ever planned to any great detail. Honestly, it would be very rare to spend time forcing the shot to be perfect. My images are extremely impulsive and always composed spontaneously. My intentions are not focused on perfection, rather I desire to portray a be-still-and-notice perspective. To preserve the integrity of the unexpected image, I tend to limit myself to only a few frames per subject.

I create photographic art to pull the viewer into an unfamiliar world. The goal of the image is to consume the viewer’s surroundings and bring them closer to a vibrant experience. A critical aspect of my process is to ensure passion of craft is portrayed. Whether it is luminous tranquility and simplicity as the core qualities or curiosity, grit, or even astonishment, all works depict truth of the environment.

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